Amelie’s Bag of Tricks!

What’s in the bag?

I’m a big believer in the fact that a woman’s handbag can tell you a lot!
So I better start by saying my bag is generally an absolute shit tip, earlier today I swapped it back from my well loved and used tan leather rucksack… My primark special. This rucksack has basically been around the world with me over the last couple of years… And I adore it. But it needed a good clean out and I fancied a change. I had to hoover the inside as there was a peppermint teabag explosion incident a few days ago. But here it is…. My old faithful friend.


I’ve decided to be a proper feral lady again with a pretty handbag for a bit..



Let’s begin… Here’s my pile of shite…



Let’s start with electronics…

See that green pencil case type affair? That was a little bargain from H&M and is the perfect size to hold my work notebook, tiny diary, two work iPhones, an apple lip balm and my lovely Bic multicoloured pens. Also holds my work ID’s but they’re tucked up inside. I’m a clinical pharmacist and a superintendent pharmacist so I can’t go anywhere without these. There is no picture of my personal phone in there because I needed it to take my photos!I I also carry my iPad most days, you know for those utterly feral updates. (Blue floral-My personal phone matches that too!)

Yes, three phones and an iPad…. Jesus Christ.

Also I always carry my charger, as anyone that knows me knows my battery dies at the most inconvenient moments. For example… When I break down in Manchester on my own or when I really need my sat nav… and just general inconvenient shitty moments like that.

Make up and toiletries…

I always have at least three lipsticks in my bag… A girl needs choice.

I am a mostly a high street make up gal and love the Kate moss lipstick collection…I have most of them. My absolute fave is number 34- I’ve had it twice and this one is nearly gone. Works for day and night! It’s a lovely peachy/pinky colour.

What a scruff!!!

Rimmel eyebrow pencil …because a girl needs a strong brow game these days.


Rimmel eyeliner… Because noone likes an undefined eye.

I do my make up at home in the morning and it tends to last quite day to day I don’t take much make up out with me.

But, let this be known…I wouldn’t go the shithouse without my face on.

I have to have a comb and brush because I have loads of wiry hair, I carry an extra bobble and clips. My hairdresser calls me donkeyhead…so sly. Can’t actually believe there was no Kirby grips in there though! I usually just find them all over the floor though, which Mr S just loves.

I love perfume… That one there is Ghost Eclipse. But I generally just keep a cheapy in my bag because I love to spray a shit load on. Next JUST PINK is probably my fav ‘go to’ cheap perfume, I’m always complimented on it and it’s like £10-15 for a 100ml bottle! An absolute must-buy!

A Lil-let – doesn’t need an explanation…I’m only human.
My new compact mirror- a little prezzy for being a shit hot bridesmaid a couple of weeks ago!


That’s my lovely Prada purse there in the photo… But again… If I’m on holiday I have a shitty little owl purse I take everywhere… (we use it for the feral kitty!)

Here it is…


I’m a bugger for just throwing my money, cards and receipt into my bag too…so that’s why you can see spare change just casually thrown about it.


My book- I’m a self-confessed bookworm and can read a book in a day if I fancy it. I’ve not quite got stuck into this book yet..but I absolutely loved ‘Me before you’, I read it a couple of years ago and because I have specialised in Spinal injury for a few years it really touched my heart! I cried from start to finish watching the film… Get on it if you love a good cry.

Sunglasses- do you like my RayBONS?… Turkey specials, need I say more? Ain’t nobody as clumsy as me got the cash for real Raybans.

Chewing gum.. Dental hygiene is important..and I like garlic. A LOT.

Safety pins- I don’t really know why, but I feel they are handy. You never know when you’re going to split the arse out of your kecks.

Compeed blister plaster- absolute genius invention if you enjoy murdering your feet in stupid shoes.

Painkillers… Got to have liquid capsules- I think they are great! Quickly sorts any hangover out lads.

Random tiny bottle of  Nandos peri-peri drizzle… I just loved it and decided to take it home after it came with my lunch last week.

A few random single stud earrings… I have a few piercings and never wear matching earrings. I only wear them in one ear too..because I’m edgy as fuck… Naaattt. I’m trying though.


So there you go, you caught my bag in quite a good state…

Generally I would have about forty receipts stuffed in there too and maybe even a mouldy banana if you’re lucky. Also, sometimes it’s so heavy it becomes a lethal weapon. But today… today its splendid.

What are your essentials?

Lots of Love,




All photos copyright free.




5 thoughts on “Amelie’s Bag of Tricks!

  1. My bag gets heavier and heavier until I eventually empty it all out and start again. I’m currently lugging around 3 notebooks and a pencil case full of pens, a can of deodorant (it’s hot out), an ipad, a netbook, a phone charger, my purse, various giftcards (no idea if any balances on them), a load of receipts, and various bits of paperwork. Oh and the obligatory emergency sanitary wear…
    I wonder why I have problems with my back…?!

    Liked by 1 person

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