Ten Things that Float Amelie’s Boat!

Of course I love my hubby, family and friends beyond measure. But here are a few more of the less obvious joys in my life!



1. The Bluetooth in my car. I cannot cope with how much I fucking love my car handsfree/ Bluetooth… I had a cute little convertible a while ago that some idiot smashed up on a roundabout. When it got written off, it didn’t take long before I had the stunning realisation I could get an inbuilt Bluetooth in my new car! That was my ONLY requirement. Didn’t give a toss about anything else. I still buzz off the voice activation aspect of it all too… “Call Freya…”…oh the joy of it.






2. Cheese– I adore it in any form. My favourite is Castello blue soft cheese and I like Bavarian… And Brie …and Camembert. Oh fuck it, I love them all. Cheese makes me very happy, especially with dirty butter and fresh bread. Cheese on toast, cheese and wine, cheese butties, cheese on pasta….need I go on?



image3. Uncontrollable laughter– when you just let loose and let the giggles take you. My mum has the best laugh in the world, when she gets going you only have to hear her to start giggling! Brilliant. I once had the giggles in a lecture, the lecturer was describing the way blood travels through the heart using dramatic, obscene hand gestures…well my friends and I were screaming, we were asked to leave the room to recover.





4. Coach trips– In fact I love long journeys and travel in general. Not the parts where you’re hastily changing trains or running through airports like psychopaths…no. But I do like the feeling of knowing you have eight hours to read your book, eat tasty sandwiches and your pre-packed picnic…or just have a snooze. The world is your oyster on a coach!




5.Baths– my husband goes mad. But I love baths…I literally bask like a little whale in the bath for hours. Yes…hours. Normally at least one hour, maybe even two! The success of a bath is directly proportional to my prune-like skin. The more prunish I look after, the better the bath. I love my bubbles. I will catch up on my book…or even write a blog post. I call it my relaxational period. Which is not even a real word.



image6. Crop tops- I just adore them. I probably shouldn’t because I’m no Kate Moss- know what I mean, and I’m not 21 (or even twenty something) anymore.. but I just love them and rock them all the time. I do love a good coord, matching crop top and skirt outfit!





7. Animals! If you follow our Facebook… You will see my numerous pet, animal rescue and animal-love posts! I always wanted to be a vet. I love my pets! I’m currently working on Mr S, he’s dead set against me having a pig and/or sheep at the minute. I mean, I’d probably even settle for a goat. Watch this space…I will win!





8. The feeling of finishing a room and knowing you nailed the scheme. Or not even finishing a room, just watching it all come together and feeling amazed by it. Buying all your vintagey/shabby chic knick knacks and arranging them around your fabulously decorated room. That’s the best!

9. I love fizzy drinks. Orange lucozade, Coke or Dr Pepper …love them. No diet versions allowed. I don’t have them a lot, maybe even less than once a week. But boy oh boy, nothing beats a long fizzy drink on a hangover or with your chippy tea.






10. That feeling you get when someone is whispering or talking in a low soft voice to you… when it gives you goosepimples. Do you know what I mean? Now this one is hard to describe, because in fairness, its just plain weird. But my hubby gets it, so at least I know I’m not the only weirdo in the world.


So that’s me! Simple pleasures, hey?




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