Interview with The Feral’s

Q & A: Get to know Amelie, Clara and Freya.
Feral best friends since the 1980s….


1.What was your favourite subject at school?

A: P.E …sport was my life during my school years, I still play netball now. But I loved all of it at school, I could never understand why someone would fake a sick note to get out of it, blows my mind! My family are a sporty bunch!


C: History! Love finding out random shit about the past. I was shocking at maths and science, never got the hang of it.


F: Science, I don’t know whether it was the fact we had a supply teacher for a full year once and we had an absolute riot taking the piss out of him ( he fully locked me and Amelie in a cupboard one time) or because I’m a sicko and liked cutting up pigs hearts and shit.


2.What is your favourite meal?

A: Basically anything with pasta or cheese. If you feed me cheesy pasta well fuck me…I’m yours.


C: I love a good sloppy margarita pizza.


F: I don’t know if I can pick just one cause I like food too much……….. Arghhhhhhh, Thai food, anything and everything.


3.What’s your favourite drink?

A: Now don’t be mad, but my favourite ever drink is Orange lucozade. I don’t think any alcohol actually tastes nice, doesn’t stop me drinking like a fish though. If we are talking alcoholic it’s probably Prosecco with chambord or a glass of red.
C: Prosecco of course! Lots of it.
F: At the moment I’m smashing in a lot of aperol spritz. So I would have to say that.


4.What’s your favourite book of all time?

A: Shit… That’s tricky I love books. I’d go for Harry Potter… but I have read Enid Blyton’s ‘The Secret Island’ every year since I was 7. No shame.


C: The Help by Kathryn Stockett.


F: I did quite like the hunger games but the last one was dog shit! Soz not soz!


5.What is your favourite perfume?

A: Chanel Mademoiselle or Dior Addict.


C: Marc Jacobs Daisy.


F: Chanel mademoiselle.


6.What’s your favourite restaurant?

A: Casa Italia in Liverpool, if you haven’t been…OMG go, go right now! It’s cheap, delicious and the baked pasta menu is to die for!


C: The Yard & Coop in Manchester. Who doesn’t like halloumi in breadcrumbs?


F: I have too many to choose from!!!! There’s a Thai restaurant in Vilamoura where we go every year and that is AMAZING. I don’t know what it’s called though……


7.What’s your favourite holiday destination?

A: Jesus I’ve been to a lot of ace places but…. Ummm I’m going to generalise and plump for Italy…I have been to a few places in Italy and it never disappoints.
F: Italy! Love everywhere I have been there.


8.What is your favourite film?

A: Robin Hood Prince of Thieves. This film has got it all… Love, hate, war, long lost family, action, birth, death…and Kev. Surely everyone knows that you can’t beat Costner in tights.


C: Dumbo! Always had a soft spot for that flying elephant.


F: Robin Hood prince of thieves or the bodyguard! I have a Kevin Costner fetish. Shouldn’t but definitely would. Harrison ford is also abit dish too in Indiana Jones. The first 3 films obvs……. Old school stuff is right up my street. Ghostbusters, back to the future……


9. What’s your favourite animal?

A: Lions… I need one.
C: Dogs, golden retrievers are my life.


F: Bears. Always has and always will be. Any kind will do. I remember when I was younger in Bulgaria seeing a dancing one on the beach when that sort of shit was legal. Loved them since then.


10.Do you have any pets?

A: I have three cats! I do want a pig, a sheep and maybe a parrot…oh and a dog. We have lost three pussycats (bastard speeding drivers) and our old bunny rabbit in the past year…so don’t know if my heart can cope wth any more animals just yet!


C: Mrs Candy but she lives with the parents.


F: A pug called Matilda and a couple of fish that I’m hoping will die soon.


11.What is your favourite TV series?

A: I have two. Game of thrones and The Walking Dead! Freya and I spend hours talking about them!
C: Breaking Bad.


F:Game of thrones


12.Who is your celebrity crush?

A: Wouldn’t call it a crush… I think David Beckham is a handsome dude! Genuinely think Mr S is top totty though. Sad huh?


C: David Gandy would get it all day long. I would let him do anything to me. Anything.


F: Right so I wouldn’t call him a celebrity as such but there’s a fella called David Leon that did a series on itv a few years ago. (Vera) Hands down the most beautiful man I have ever seen! Apart from Mr C…….


13. Are you married?

A: Yep, four years married to one lucky (or unlucky perhaps) bastard- Mr S.


C: Engaged to Mr J as of August 2016, poor sod.


F: Engaged to Mr C. We are going to elope soon- Amelie and Clara can’t cope with it.


14. Which fictional character are you most like?

A: Whenever I watch the hangover I can’t help comparing our group with the hangover blokes… I think I’d be Bradley Coopers character! Ha. Kind of in charge…but not quite responsible enough. Someone’s gotta do it.. My mum and dad used to call me Miss Piggy when I was a kid… Sound that.


C: Dory! I can’t remember anything but I’m happy and friendly…and excitable.


F: Well I haven’t got a clue about this one but after I asked Amelie and Clara they came up with, Grumpy the dwarf, Cyril Sneer, the old fella from Up! Groucho, Scrooge and all the other miserable bastards you can think of. Cheers.


15. What is your pet hate?

A: I cannot stand it when people are clearly whispering or sharing knowing looks…just fucking spit it out, know what I mean. Whispering in general is just RUDE!


C: I hate people that spit on the floor! It’s fucking disgusting!

F: Hate a bullshitter!!! Not going to lie!


16. What is your most embarrassing moment?

A: I’ve had quite a few comedy falls over the years. But I always remember one in school when I was about 13, literally in front of all the cool, sporty boys outside the PE changing rooms. I wanted to die. Still not fully over that.


C: Getting my heel stuck in a drain at my Christmas do, falling over and the drain coming out of the ground.


F: I took a tumble, bladdered in front of all Mr C’s work friends once and couldn’t get up. That was a pretty low point.


17.What is your worst habit?

A: My husband could write you a list I’m sure. It’s probably putting off jobs until they become huge problems…I love burying my head in the sand.


C: I’ve got loads, but probably smoking is the worst.


F: I do like a good moan! I will moan about anything and everything.


Who are you most like?! Let us know!!!

Left to right: Clara, Amelie, Freya

Love the Feral Friends





Animal photos made using animal face.

Typorama used for quote pictures.


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6 thoughts on “Interview with The Feral’s

    1. Haha love it… Weirdest thing is I’m the actual scientist of the three of us! Freya and I had lots of fun terrorising our teachers at A-Level. I’m a pharmacist now!🙊 I just loved PE most in school! Thanks for reading!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️ Amelie X

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