My Fella loves Trainers more than he loves me…

I literally come second to trainers. I’ve had to come to terms with this over the years.

Mr J has a borderline dangerous trainer obsession and it’s out of control. He buys a new pair of trainers every month as soon as the coins hit his bank.

He scours the internet constantly for new trainers and will literally look at hundreds of pairs for hours on end. Normal men just look at porn, know what I mean.



Every birthday, Christmas and anniversary he asks for a new pair of kicks from me and some from his family. He obviously has to pick them first because he’s a giant trainer snob, and we know nothing.

I would say he owns about forty pairs and most of them he has worn only once or twice! Some haven’t even made it out of the building!

I have to force him to throw old trainers away – this is a real struggle and he will sulk all day about it. We desperately need the room though living in a tiny city centre flat, we don’t have room for this shit! I’ve gone as low as to blackmail him with sexual bans if he doesn’t get rid.

He also refuses to throw away any shoeboxes despite us living in such a small space, so these are stacked at the end of the bed, under the bed and and on top of the wardrobe, which is a huge eyesore! (I secretly throw away the odd shoe box when he’s not around) he won’t throw shoe boxes away because he ‘may sell the trainers one day’ apparently, despite never having sold any of his trainers before. Ever.

Mr J follows Deadstock Utopia for vintage trainers and Sneakerfreak (Twitter-  @Sneakerfreak865) for any new releases of trainers. He religously reads Sole Supplier and goes off his tits when some jazzy limited edition trainers are released. Even sitting up into the small hours waiting for them to be released online so he can buy them straight away; when he manages to get the pair he wants he is like a kid a sweet shop.

He loved the Adidas superstars city pack so much he bought them in every colour!
Aren’t I supposed to be the shoe-obsessed one? Being the woman in the relationship!?


When we are out he constantly comments on other peoples trainers and how much they cost, where you can buy them etc. YAWN! There is always some one out and about that has ‘shit trainers’.

I’ve learnt over the years that he fiercely hates anything Puma and would walk barefoot in glass and acid before they touched his precious toes.

When Amelie comes round and gets pissed she likes putting on the most expensive pairs he owns and posing in them and sending him pictures. I find this hilarious.

Anyway, it could be worse, he could be into crack.

What’s your other halfs’ obsession?

Do you come second like me?

Here’s a pic of Amelie sporting a pair of Mr J’s beloved trainers, kicking back after a fancy dress night… Yes she’s dressed like a tree….


Love Clara (The Trainer Widow)




animal face app used to edit photography.

Images all copyright free-pixabay.


5 thoughts on “My Fella loves Trainers more than he loves me…

  1. This post made me laugh a lil bit, I now have a mini insight into what it’s like being with a ‘trainer snob’ as you put it!! I hope everything works out with you, him, and the trainers in the end. Great post lovely. X

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Mine isn’t into things thank goodness. He just ignores me and looks at his phone like everyone else! I do know a sneakerfreak though, he has a special toothbrush he uses to clean each pair after he’s worn them. #chucklemums


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