5 Beauty Products- ‘Trying to Erase Fifteen Years of Fags and Wine’

Since I’ve been working in Manchester city centre, I’ve found myself browsing aimlessly in shops at lunchtime; wandering up to the make up counters of Debenhams and House of Fraser.

I have now developed a slight make up obsession. Back in the day when I was fourteen, Collection 2000 would do the job nicely but at thirty I am a full-on make up whore. I spend hours and hours watching youtube video demonstrations. I want to be be friends with Lisa Eldridge desperately.

When I go on holiday I get so excited about all the duty-free make up, I sometimes nearly miss my flight! (This is also largely due to the fact that I’m always pissed and looking for a non-existant smoking area.)

Now don’t get me wrong I’ve not got the bank balance of a Kardashian so I mix up cheaper items with a few pricier products. I’ve tried and tested a fair few over the years and wasted a fair amount of money on some shitty products too- I’m talking about you crappy, lying Benefit push up eyeliner pen!

With this in mind here are my top 5 make up essentials this Autumn, because let’s feel pretty as the cold sets in and we get piss wet through.



Here we go….


Anastasia dip brow £15

You need a slanted angle brush for this, one from boots or superdrug will do the job nicely. This doesn’t move all day come rain or shine! There so many different shades. I have absolutely no eyebrows, what benefit would call ‘barely there brows’ I don’t like my eyebrows to look too defined but rather a bit more natural and this is perfect for that! When you first try putting it on have a play around with it, find your brow niche. Theres loads of good you tube guides online, I’ve watched about ten (much to Mr J’s dismay!)



Don’t put too much on – a little goes a long way. Genuinely love this product. You can buy it online for around £15.00, or if you are going to the USA you can get this in Sephora. No matter where you’re going there’s no excuse for shit brows, they are the most important tool to frame your face.






Mac Vegas volt lipstick £15.50 at House of Fraser, Selfridges


I would highly recommend Vegas volt because it’s fresh and has a real statement feel to it. What I love about it is that it looks slightly different on each person! A fabulous bright coral! I don’t believe that corals should only come out in the summer, you need to inject some colour into your woolies and a coral statement lip definitely delivers.

Mac lipsticks stay on, but can be a little dry so a top tip would be to prime your lips first with a lip conditioner and use a setting powder afterwards. Or if you are like me who usually can’t be arsed with all that, just put a touch of Vaseline on.

Also, If you have six old Mac products you are done with you can take to Mac and get a free lipstick which is definitely worth doing. Love a freebie!!




Mac soft and gentle highlighter £24.00


I never ever used to use highlighter just blush and bronzer. When I experimented with highlighters I thought I looked like I was trying to enter a really shit low budget Jennifer Lopez video but had gotten lost along the way, too much shimmer looks so shit especially on pale skin like mine! But then a friend recommended soft and gentle, I haven’t looked back. I put it on my lids, under the brow bone and cheek bones and I can

really see the difference! When I look at pictures my cheeks have definition! This has never happened before. I don’t generally have that kind of face (it’s a chubby face) but now I can! It’s a great way to finish off your make up and gives you beautiful, glowy skin. I’ve been using this for months and have so much left, I think this will last me until next summer. So although the price may initially put you off, this is the best highlighter around and I would recommend it to anyone.



Estée Lauder double wear £31 


As I’ve gotten older my skin has started to become red and patchy (no doubt from fifteen years of wine, late nights and cigs!) most foundations I tried were not covering or lasting all day. Double wear at around £31 is a bit more than I would like to spend on a foundation but it lasts for ages and hides all my blemishes and a multitude of sins!


My skin looks flawless and I love the matte finish. It also covers my rudolf red rose which I get a lot when I’m cold – fucking annoying BTW.

When I have no money I get the testers for free from Boots and they last ages too…woohoo! Winning. Also Boots usually have an offer on – if you buy two Estée Lauder products you get a free gift. Who doesn’t like free gifts?




Barry M molten metal Nail paint


I love the name Barry M, it still makes me laugh because it doesn’t sound like it should be make up, it sounds like a carwash or a butchers shop!

But it’s cheap and cheerful and they have the best variety of affordable nail varnishes I have seen.



Now Freya being our fashionista tells me that metallics are huge at the moment, so where better to embrace this trend than on your nails? My favourite colour is ‘silver lining’, but they come in four metallic shades. At only £3.99 a pop and 3 for 2 in Boots and Superdrug, why not buy them all? The colour and the shine on these are so good considering the price, and when applying they seem to dry quickly. Overall, I prefer these metallics to the usual dark nails you associate with Autumn, but each to their own!



Don’t you just LOVE make up?!❤️❤️❤️

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Do you have any must have Autumn/Winter beauty products I need to know about? I will embrace anything that will stop me looking like a permanently pissed and/or tired old hag.

If you do, please leave them in the comments below!

Thanks for reading

Love Clara



Photos and pictures -Copyright free


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