How to become a filthy rich Blogger

Six months in…

It was never our goal to earn money through Utterly Feral and six months of blogging has taught us many things…but not the secret to blogging wealth.

So sorry, I can’t answer that right now! Because in reality, it isn’t going to happen THAT quickly, if ever at all!

What we have learnt is this:


Blogging takes time. We don’t just throw up a post.

As there are three of us- we wanted to ensure our blogging style came across uniformly. So when Clara and Freya write a post they submit it to me, and I edit them. Trust me this takes time. Writing a post, editing a post, adding in quick links selecting copyright free pictures… Man it’s a lot of work.
We run Instagram, Twitter and Facebook and building up a following requires serious man hours. Be prepared to do the work!


Don’t follow the crowd! You know, it occurred to me…. I see a lot, and I mean A SHIT TON of bloggers who try to appeal to the masses…

Who give it-
“My kids drive me mad, here’s my glass of wine”…
And you know, that’s cool. But is that all you have got to tell us?! That you have kids and like wine?!

Surely as modern women….you have more than that?

We tend to write about whatever we think of at the time, granted there’s a smattering of mummy posts but our ‘mummy posts’ don’t define us.




Write about whatever you want!

Some of our most popular posts are random as fuck!





Fuck the trolls!

We get the odd bit of negativity, and while it could break your spirit…To be honest, we love it, it means what we have said has struck a chord and we have your attention.

We think it’s the equivalent of:

‘Any publicity is good publicity!’

for bloggers.





Make a difference!
If your stories are touching people in any way- whether it be through laughter, support or advice it will make it all worthwhile.

There is a lot of joy to be had from knowing you made someone chuckle!





Be real.

Us feral girls are 100% telling you the truth, we are quite outrageous.

Our stories are real if not slightly muted because some of our tales are a bit too naughty!
I know from personal experience that some popular bloggers (I will not name names) are not really as outrageous as they seem…and it’s pretty much all for show.

Don’t lose yourself along the way.
If you want to read about some of our craziness a good place to start is ‘Putting the Pest in Budapest’. Trust me.



Support other bloggers!

We regularly share blog posts, Twitter posts and Facebook posts of other bloggers because we LOVE what they write! If they get a few extra followers out of it, all the better.


Here’s a few I personally love:


Part-time working mummy… Now she seems like a diamond I love her and I follow her because she’s genuine. A real down to earth, beautiful person. She makes a difference. (Facebook)


#imomsohard are genuinely hysterical and have real talent. (Facebook)
Niks little blog… A great writer, woman and new friend. (Facebook)


Fran Whinge Wine- Funny, dedicated mummy blogger!(Twitter)


Notaneffingfairytale- A kindred spirit. Loves an expletive and tells it how it is! (Facebook)


There’s a handful of other bloggers we follow and engage with that we really believe in. You know who you are, if you’ve seen us comment!


Remember why you started..

We started our blog because we wanted to share our stories for a laugh and because, actually they’re just real stories and ideas.

We do exactly what it says on the tin..

We are just three long time best mates who act pretty wild- and those of you who know us personally would 100% agree I imagine.

We do like Prosecco (like almost every woman our age)..

We do have a laugh….

..and we do write shit about our lives, not just one aspect of it, but ALL of it.


Be open to ideas.
We started the blog to tell our stories. If it leads to anything else, that’s amazing.
We have had requests for merchandise- which is something we didn’t really think about until those requests. So here’s to an exciting 2017!
We also always wanted to stay anonymous, but we have had requests to reveal our true selves! So that is something we will be doing in the future!


We made a social media target…and once we get there we will reveal ourselves! Not literally you understand…ain’t nobody that wants to see all this on social media. We promise to be clothed.


Try to have a vague plan and some goals. Granted we don’t always stick to ours, but we usually have a rough plan for our blog posts and monthly goals for social media!But don’t plan too much, just have fun!

Happy typing!

Lots of love,



PS-come on… Come join us on Facebook!

imageAll pictures copyright free.

Quotes made using Typorama.


9 thoughts on “How to become a filthy rich Blogger

  1. I am still trying to “find myself” in blogging, I think. I started it because my publisher said it was a good way to build a reader audience… they neglected to tell me the intricacies and the business of blogging, however! Still, I now write about the things that currently define my life: being Mother, being Wife, and being Spiritual, whatever that means… 😉

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