What’s wrong with liking Valentine’s day huh?

Valentine’s Rant:


The shops are awash with lovehearts, cards and presents. So it’s just about that time of year where I get myself all hot under the collar and start ranting like a little bitch at ‘Valentine Wankers’.

As this is our first ‘Feral Valentine’s’ you get the honour of seeing it for the first time.  I’d love to hear your thoughts! Comment below!


‘Valentine Wankers’ are terrible, pessimistic creatures that crawl out but once a year to try and make lovers feel like prize pricks!


BUT A-HA THE JOKE IS ON YOU VW’s! If you can’t embrace love for a day, just for the sake of it- then I feel sorry for you.💔


Common misnomers often stated by Valentine’s Wankers:


A) I love my husband/wife/girlfriend/boyfriend all year round so it’s bollocks.”
Oh, well that’s ok then. I only love mine on Valentine’s Day you see.


B) ” its so commercial
So is Christmas, give me back your present if that’s the case. Fucking misery guts, bore off.


C) “Why do people spend so much on this shit?”
The best gifts on Valentine’s Day are cheap, personal and handmade in my opinion but each to their own.


💚Now, if you are not a fan then that’s fine. Absolutely fine. But, just try not to go around pissing on everyone else’s red roses OK? It’s not my fault you’re tight as fuck.😜💚




I have been single on Valentine’s Day, many times. I still loved everything about it. I watched my parents exchange cards and love from a young age; they have been married 35 years and the little things like this still matter to them.


Life is far too short. Make the most out of any opportunity to celebrate in my opinion.
Happy Valentines Day,

Love Amelie


Typorama and pixabay used for copyright free images.


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