Bloggy Bride: How to be the perfect guest

If you haven’t already had a look, head over to Mrs Mummy Harris’ page and take a look at her brilliant collaborative blog post – where previous brides tell us what they wish they had known before their wedding day!

I’ve decided to talk about how to be the perfect wedding guest…mostly living in hope that one day I will take my own advice! 😂


So here we go:



The only person who is allowed to be late is the bride! How embarrassing to walk in during the ceremony or to be so late you miss the ceremony? The happy couple will have spent months planning their day and the least you can do is be respectful enough to get there on time. Make sure you plan far enough in advance- E.g. how you’ll get there and who with, and leave enough time to allow for delays like traffic or late trains etc. It’s not fucking rocket science.



I’m not particularly bothered about guests wearing a bit of white, as long as they don’t also wear a wedding dress on my big day that’s fine with me. But just bear in mind that what you choose to wear on that day – the happy couple will look back on forever in photographs.
Also there’s the other extreme, you may be comfiest in jeans and a T-Shirt which is fine, but you are attending a wedding so please wear your best! If you hate dresses, there are some amazing tailored trouser suits these days with matching blazers, or a smart jumpsuit. Discuss ideas with friends who can help! ASOS has pretty much every style you could ever hope for. Try and plan your outfit in advance -so you’re not stressing last minute.




I cannot stress this enough. If you have children and they are not on the wedding invite they are probably not invited (yay day off for you!)
If you have a mutual friend that you thought the couple would invite and they haven’t had an invite I’d only broach this subject with the couple (depending on how well you know them) if they were pissed and in a good mood. Remember it’s not your wedding so it’s not up to you!



Turn it off or on silent during the ceremony and speeches. You do not want to be the one that interrupts such a special time.
Take pictures if you’re allowed to, some couples just like to have their photographer photograph their ceremony so as not to take attention away from the ceremony which is fine, respect those wishes.
Also, do not upload any pictures to social media of the happy couple until they have done so, if you’re not sure- ask beforehand if they mind.



Even the smallest gesture can help the atmosphere of a wedding if things are falling foul.
-If no one is on the dance floor get a prosecco and get funky feral.
-If you get the wrong starter -who cares it’s a free meal. If it pisses it down say that the pictures will be better.
-If someone is completely arse holed get them a water.
-If you see the bride or groom without a drink, get them one.
-If you see the grooms Auntie Mavis on her own go and have a chat with her about how lovely the day is.
-If something sets on fire put it out.
You get the gist.



This is easier said than done, I’ve been to many a wedding where I’ve started drinking at 10am and have had memory loss of most of the day, been completely arseholed and flashed my knickers on the dance floor.



It’s acceptable to be completely steaming at the evening do, but it’s a long day, don’t run out of steam too quickly. If you’re a lightweight, drink a soft drink or water in between alcoholic ones, no one wants to babysit you!



This wedding you have attended is not your wedding, and quite possibly the colours/table plan/food/music is not to your taste!  But, that’s the whole point, choices are unique to each couple.
Share compliments and keep any negative opinions to yourself. Even if you think the brides dress is a bit shit, tell her she looks beautiful, because she no doubt does!



Have you got any wedding guest tips that I may have missed out? I’ve got a shit ton of weddings to attend this year and I need all the help I can get!







Clara from Utterly Feral, Catriona from Lady Law Student, Rebecca from Rock&Roses Mama and Lianne from Mrs Mummy Harris.


2 thoughts on “Bloggy Bride: How to be the perfect guest

  1. The thing that really got to me on our wedding day: Let the bride and groom get food OR even better, offer to get the bride and groom food if its a buffet style dinner! We had an AMAZING buffet, and I don’t regret it one bit (its been almost 5 year and people are still talking about the food) but every time I got up from my table I was pulled 10 different ways, and none of them were the buffet table! One amazing girlfriend of mine swung by my table at one point, pointing out that my plate was nearly empty and asked if I wanted her to grab me a plate so I could just stay put, rest and avoid the craziness for a bit. I still remember that the did this for me and have vowed to repay her when her day comes!

    Britt |


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