Bloggy bride: Turning flab to fab!

If you haven’t read it yet make sure you check out @mrsmummyharris #bloggybrides post last week where she tells us how to find the perfect wedding dress (I found this very helpful as I’ve not chosen mine yet!)


Now for this weeks post. Disclaimer: I’m by no means a personal trainer or qualified to advise anyone on what they should do to lose weight. Actually, I’m fucking far off being anywhere near qualified. But, what I can do is share my experience and how I plan to tone up for my special day. Maybe you can even help me out with some suggestions? I need all the sodding help I can get!



I’ve always been curvy so I’m happy to have curves on my wedding day. I can’t change them and I love them and accept them. I’ve always had a massive arse and huge thighs, massive tits and cankles which is all fine. I can work with all these things, I’ve embraced them. What I don’t like, are these dreaded ‘wobbly bits’ that have crept up on me in the last few years.



Being in a happy relationship I have suffered the weight gain curse that many others have. Instead of going out with my friends and dancing off my calorie excess- I’ve been staying in with Mr J and eating like it’s going out of fashion. I’ve never had a sweet tooth before but Mr J has, and seeing him eating ice cream and cake after a meal -has inspired me. So, now I’ve followed suit and been smashing in the desserts! (Basically he is to blame!)


I’ve also been eating the same portions as my other half and he’s a big lad, there’s no way I need the same amount as him but I’ve grown accustomed to eating the extra! I’m such a fat pig these days.



I can proudly state that I can eat a large whole dominos pizza to myself in one sitting and have a cookie after. I have spoken to female friends and colleagues and have not met many that can do the same!


However, recently I’ve noticed that whenever I’ve had a bit of a run somewhere and stopped suddenly- my arse has carried on jiggling or when I wave, my arm fat carries on wobbling afterwards and now when I wear a dress I have to wear Spanx to conceal how bloated my belly looks and to avoid people asking if I’m in the early stages of pregnancy.



My hen do and wedding next year is the perfect goal for me to try and tone these parts of my body up and feel better about myself! I don’t want to lose lots of weight because I wouldn’t look like me and I do love food! I just want to stop wobbling as much. 🙈


Here’s what I’m going to try and do:


Stop eating shit…..


This is probably the most important thing I need to do and the hardest. Replacing fast and fatty foods with healthy food. No more regular Greggs, McDonalds, KFC and Dominios. I may have the odd one once a month as a ‘treat’. I hate this already.




I’ve joined the gym which is a start! I do enjoy it… sort of. I have to do classes because if I’m on my own in the actual gym I’ll just walk off and eat a burger.

My favourite class is Zumba. Who knew how much fun it could be dancing like a stripper for an hour a week?

I do get very intimidated by people in the gym who look amazing and know exactly what they’re doing. It’s all very scary but I must persevere!


Get a mate to help motivate me….

This is important, I need to find someone who I can help and who can help me. We can give each other tips, motivate each other and even go to the gym together. I’m going to ask around at work and see if anyone wants to be my gym mate (must also have wobbly bits).



Eat slower…

Growing up in a family of 6, I ate pretty fast so I could get more of whatever we were having for dinner that night. This hasn’t changed and it means I’m eating when I’m full up! I also need to have smaller portions and make them last longer, portion control is key.


Eat actual vegetables….

This is probably the most important one. I’ve heard that when it comes to losing weight it’s 80% down to diet and 20% down to exercise. It’s an awful business really. I’ve been a follower of the ‘Twat diet’ for many years now and this will be hardest to change.


So you see, I am trying.

But, theres one thing that I can’t do as part of my diet, I absolutely refuse to give up alcohol!

I’ve still got to enjoy myself havent I? What kind of a lifestyle does not involve prosecco? I feel prosecco is good for more overall well-being and mental health.




Did you lose weight for your wedding day? Have you got any useful tips for me?

Help me and my wobbly bits!







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Clara from Utterly Feral, Catriona from Lady Law Student, Rebecca from Rock&Roses Mama and Lianne from Mrs Mummy Harris. 





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