Bloggy bride: Twelve months of planning later….


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Fuck me can you believe I’ve been engaged for nearly a year? I feel like it was just yesterday that we were in bed in New Orleans (hungover to shit) when he asked me!

I’m such a huge fan of being engaged it’s like being in a sort of bubble, and so I’m happy we’re having a long engagement. It’s like everyone’s got a reason to speak to you and ask how the wedding planning is going, and I’m even enjoying making decisions with Mr J and planning with him.


It’s still feeling really new to me that I’m looking at Mr J thinking I’m gonna be his wife and he’ll be my husband, I love it!


It’s still really daunting that we are planning to have over one hundred of our nearest and dearest friends and family in a barn in North Wales; but it’s also very exciting!


As we’ve been planning for a year now I thought I would share some of my general tips with you guys for planning such a huge event.




You might be a complete control freak but you are only one person and you can’t do everything! Use your bridesmaids, groomsmen, get the mother in law involved, sisters; whoever is willing.

Also use their skills – if you have a friend that is great at baking or an crafting auntie that wants to help you make favours, great!





Ideally your married mates. They will know exactly what you’re going through. They may also have contacts they can recommend to you E.g. photographers, bridal boutiques, DJs etc and the best way to find suppliers good is through a trusted recommendation. A lot of suppliers will feed you a load of old bullshit because they want your money, ex-brides will be able to tell you what’s what.


There will have been bits that went wrong on their wedding day, ask what they were (prevention is better than cure) more than likely they will tell you that whatever did go wrong didn’t spoil their day too much but it doesn’t hurt to know!


A lot of my married friends have told me to make sure to take a few minutes for just you and your partner, and take it all in, this is something I will definitely try and do!

One of my mates got married last year and I literally text her all the time asking questions.

That’s what mates are for aren’t they?





This is the most important part of planning a successful wedding and will save you so much stress (stress causes wrinkles and you dont want to look like an old hag!)


You’re going to have important signed contracts with specific payment dates on. Make sure you read these carefully, print these off and file away in a folder. Write down any payment dates in your diary, work out how you can save and when you can pay everything.


I detest spreadsheets with a passion, but even I have one! I need to see all the figures in black and white and you will too. It makes more sense when everything is in one place. I leave a lot of this up to Mr J to be honest because I am pretty incompetent at spreadsheet maintenance.





Saving to be married is literally one of the most boring things I have ever done in my life, but in many ways one of the most important! I’ve really struggled with it- working and living in manchester with temptation all around. One minute you’re saying you’ll just have one procecco after work at 5.30pm and the next thing you’re in the gay villiage swinging off a pole at two in the morning, having spent £100 on overpriced wine. It’s bad news!


You have to be so strict and have will power to say no (I’m still working on this!)

I’ve been borrowing clothes off my mates for big events so and just food shopping in Aldi. Not going on several holidays a year is taking its toll too! I’m also trying so hard to stay in and watch Netflix while everyone’s out on the piss (again, I repeat. I’m not very good at this!)

I have a standing order into the wedding account each month. It’s great seeing the numbers add up but they don’t last long as there’s so much to pay off. We’re even doing a car boot soon (much to Mr J’s dismay).

Saving is so horrific, but you just have to think this is the most special day of your lives and you want it to be absolutely amazing!





You and your partner are unique.

We’re having my parents golden retriever as ring bearer and a magician to entertain the guests, we’re having a mix of music with a Welsh choir and the stone roses, and we don’t give a shit if anyone doesn’t like that because it’s exactly what we want.

I know a lot of people don’t enjoy the standard sit down wedding breakfast or traditional first dance. So, if you don’t fancy doing it, just don’t! Your day your way.





Your wedding is one of the most important days in yours and your partners life, but remember it’s not the only thing you have going for you and life will continue to go on long after your wedding day. It’s easy to get obsessed and carried away! Try to keep everything in perspective and keep yourself sane! You will have a husband to be with forever and that is the real adventure, (aside from the honeymoon! 😝)





Wedding planning is such a special time and it won’t last forever so make the most of it.

Wedding dress shopping with your mum is do special, food tastings with your other half and girly nights planning your hen do. These are special times and you should enjoy every part of it. Don’t stress… Take time to find the pleasure in everything.


If you have any planning tips for me please let me know, I love hearing from other brides!


Happy wedding planning!

Love Clara



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