Newborn items that have rocked my world…

I just want to preface this blogpost with the usual:

“I’m not a healthcare professional” and all the usual disclaimer bollocks (even though I am like). Always use your own judgement while also following guidelines…blah blah blah. But, if you would like to see what worked for me during the newborn baby phase then come along!

Any Feral will know that their little cubs are tough on the old purse. When I was pregnant I was always looking into which purchases were essential…which were just ‘wants’ and which were luxury items.

I know that in reality all you need to have a baby is a pair of boobs, some terry towel nappies and a few babygrows but come on its 2018 and we all love the mod cons!

So with that in mind, here’s a few items we absolutely loved when our baby was newborn.

The Snuzpod

What a fucking gem of an idea. A small cot that attaches to the side of your bed for those night time wakes, what a marvellous thing. The snuzpod can also just be used as a crib or in place of a Moses basket if you don’t fancy the zip down aspect of it. It rocks and has a shelf underneath for all your bits and bobs! They retail for around £200 new. But if you’re savvy you can get a decent one second hand and just buy a new mattress online like we did. A very kind friend of ours sold us one for next to nothing and had new sides etc to go with it, so we basically got a new Snuzpod for an absolute steal. I purchased a mattress from Amazon for about a tenner and any crib sheet to cover the mattress will do! A Moses basket is fab for your lounge, but don’t spend the Earth on it as they soon grow out of them so quickly. I loaned mine from a friend for a few months!




This is legendary. Now I know there’s a lot of talk about sleep positioners in the media at the minute. The sleepyhead does NOT fall under this category, it’s been tested and is ‘sleep safe’ as it is breathable.

From the sleepyhead website:
‘The Sleepyhead® was tested for air-permeability and is 100% breathable. Babies will move in their sleep and as they grow, some prefer to sleep to on their tummy. While we have a strong back to sleep stance for safety reasons, we designed the Sleepyhead® to be completely breathable since all babies find comfort in different positions.’

(Although the die hards will tell you that an empty crib is a safe crib! At the end of the day, we are all adults who can make our own decisions!) The old fashioned way of doing this is rolling up a towel or muslin cloths around the baby’s body to make them feel all snug and cocooned like they were in the womb. But the sleepyhead does this amazingly and safely for you!

It’s a pricey little fucker at around £120 a pop but again worth it if you have the dosh. I hopped in lucky with another friend and got mine second hand for £30 so it didn’t feel like a terrible expense. Quick go in the washing machine and it was good to go. I also didn’t buy any spare sheets (but you can) as I tuck one of our many large Muslin cloths over it securely so it’s a quick change if we have any sicky or poonami moments during the night.



Large muslin cloths

I can confirm that these are the absolute boys. Don’t get me wrong I love a little muslin square too, they’re handy, but the big ones are just so fucking ideal for everything. My husband used to give me shit every time one arrived in the post, but who’s laughing now? He knows just how useful they are. Get a few. I love getting them from eBay in all kinds of designs for around £4-£14 a go. They might take a month to come from China but it’s worth it! Fab little gifts too. No need to spend a fortune! Have a look yourself, here’s what found on a quick eBay search:






These are my two favourites from our collection:





MAM dummies

Again another debate churner. But, we gave our precious girl a dummy at three days old and she loves it. Not all the time, but if she’s tired or just waking up- man does she enjoy a MAM dummy. We bought a few different brands but ‘MAMs the word’ in this house. We have about ten now. Many breastfeeding women are scared to use a dummy because health visitors put the fear of God into them…myself included. But sod that, I’ve had no problems on that front. Do yourself a favour …



Slumber buddy

This little twat of an elephant was gifted to us by a dear friend of mine. I have a love/hate relationship with him to be honest… I love that he projects a delightful little light show for our cherub and that it’s now part of a successful bedtime routine. But I go round singing those bastard tunes all day. If lullabies do your tits in though, there’s a rainfall or heartbeat setting to fall back on. The twenty minute setting is enough to do the job usually. Compared to Ewan the sheep he’s a good cheaper alternative at £14.99. (We were also gifted Ewan the sheep.. But he had a fault and was sent back!)








Baby Bjorn bouncer

This bouncer is the Crème de la Crème of baby bouncers. I shit you not. I was kindly gifted this by a friend of mine and my God, our baby loves it. So much so I could do with another couple for around the house. It’s the most simplistic looking baby chair you’ve ever seen but it really does the job. I’d have one in every room. Our baby likes to sit and watch the world go by so will happily sit in this while we bounce her with our foot, (we often get away with eating tea and doing this- the stuff of dreams) as she grows she’s getting better at bouncing herself.
It’s lightweight, collapsible, the cover comes off for washing really easily and it doesn’t take up half of your room. You can buy a toy bar for it too which is ultra cute. They are pricey at about £130 new, but get on eBay or your local selling sites and you can pick one up for about 30 quid, as I say the whole seat comes off the frame to wash so it’s as good as new after a wash. We have even taken his to a wedding with us!







Fisher price jungle gym

I bought this on a whim at a baby sale in fantastic condition for £5. Bargain when the one we have actually retails new at about £60. I can’t encourage you enough to look around and think about buying secondhand!


Our baby girl loves it, it has a sensor mode so that when she kicks or knocks one of the toys the music and light show starts up which encourages her to interact with it. Our baby will happily kick away under this for about twenty minutes watching the lights and listening to the music. Cute.


Plastic mat for the changing table

You’ve heard of projectile vomit, yes? Well get ready for projectile shite.


Here’s a random little one. We found in the early days our baby’s yellow breastfed poos could fly out with a force that could strike fear into the heart of any grown man. Hitting the changing supply baskets etc. So I simply bought a plastic mat from eBay to use as a barrier. Absolutely nailed that one kids, for about £2!


Pram organiser

I came to the conclusion early on that my beautiful handbags would have to go into retirement for a few years and I was forever digging around in the changing bag for my lippy. #firstworldproblems.

So,I thought what else can I do? I bought this little number from eBay.


It’s a Cath Kidston pram organiser and is now my handbag to all intents and purposes. It fits over the pram handlebar with Velcro and is handy as fuck.
It has a little zip pocket inside for your cards and money and other little handy pockets. There’s enough room for a little diary, phone, pen, lippy, comb and my trustee breastfeeding apron. It just means that if my hubby needs the changing bag he doesn’t have to rifle through my shit to find the sudocrem or a spare dummy.
You don’t have to go all Cath Kidston on it like me though.. eBay has a huge variety of similar things. I wouldn’t be without one now.

See…eBay comes up trumps again.




Sleeping bags

These are ace. I never really swaddled our baby and the advice is to use cellular blankets so you go with your gut, but we have found these sleeping bags to be amazing – especially if you have a winter baby. Simply unzip, clip over the shoulders and zip back up. Snug as a fucking bug in there they are. There are some amazing ones out there but this is a pretty little one from Marks and Spencer’s.




Anyway guys, I could go on all day but I reckon these purchases really make life more comfortable and sleep that little bit easier to obtain! I will hit you up with a 0-3months essentials soon so please follow us so you don’t miss that, feel free to share this with your pregnant friends or new mummies …feral or not!

And just to reiterate— Promise me you will have a look at second hand things. Honestly, don’t be a prick. If it washes, why not? Save yourself some squids.

All my feral love,










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