About ‘Utterly Feral’


Utterly Feral’ is the result of an epic friendship spanning over 28 years. We are three best friends from the North West who despite appearing fairly civilised on the surface, become particularly wild when reunited. Three very different personalities but somehow we just work, we’re a tripod.

Utterly Feral, weird name huh? Well, we were once described as ‘Feral’ by a stranger abroad and the term just stuck. We have used it ever since. We love it.

Our life motto is ‘You only live once!’ And by God, we have a blast!

We have had so much fun, love and laughter together over the years; starting a blog seemed like a natural progression.

While we appreciate the work of all our fellow bloggers- we’re not half as classy as most of them and can barely take a non-fuzzy photograph, to boot. We thought writing about our adventures in a ‘Down-to-earth’ and ‘Mere Mortal’ sort of way- with a few shit quality photies thrown in, might just be the ticket! (We do promise to work on our photography though!)

We are fairly certain there are some people out there that want to read adventures involving more than a lovely view of a nice place, with #breathtaking . We think hashtags like #shitfaced or #bestieholiday are far more apt for a memorable holiday for the average person!
We want you to experience the fun we have in the places we visit and in the things we do in everyday life. Hopefully giving you some inspiration for holidays, day trips, parenting survival, nights out and everything ace in between.

We hope you can have a little chuckle or even a ‘Howl‘ at our misdemeanours along the way!


Meet the Feral Friends:


Amelie: 30, Married. Bossy, Healthcare professional. Wife. Bargain Hunter. Purveyor of positivity and banter. Keeper of ‘The Gift’ and Knower of all things feral. Blog editor.


Clara: 30, living in sin.UN-health conscious, party animal and office girl. Blagger, Pisscan; life and soul of the party. Founder of the twat diet and happy soul.


Freya: 30, engaged, 2 kids. Fit. Fashion forward footballers ‘nearly’-wife. Yummy mummy, housewife, advocate of resting bitch face, owner of pugs. Generous and generally misunderstood.


Make sure you take a look at our ‘Glossary of terms’ page, our banter is defined in there!

Be warned our blog may contain offensive material, if that’s not your bag- no hard feelings!

Thanks for your support!

A, C and F



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Work with us

We are a PR friendly bunch, if you would like us to review something? Great! We certainly will, and our opinions will always be honest. We ain’t liars!

Guest Blogging? Yup, you guessed it. We’re up for that too.

So if you have any queries just smash an email out and send it over to the address listed in our ‘Contact us’ section.

We will get back to you Asap, we’re sound like that.


Now get a foundation wine on the go, and get Utterly Feral.




The boring stuff…..


© Utterly Feral, 2016. Unauthorised use and/or duplication of this material without express and written permission from Utterly Feral is strictly prohibited. Excerpts and links may be used, provided that full and clear credit is given to Utterly Feral with appropriate and specific direction to the original content.



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